Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favorite Kids, August 'till December

The emphasis around here lately has been on Johnny....but here's a look into my other sweethearts' lives.  

First Day of School

My first grader is lucky enough to have her brother's teacher from last year

Josiah's 2nd grade teacher

Grace's 4th Grade Teacher (and soccer coach!)

Pamoja Week (like Spirit Week)  Photo credit:  Rebecca Laarman

Math Detectives for Math Week.  We actually bought the hats from someone who was selling them on the side of the road.  Because, apparently, these are the kind of hats Math Detectives wear.  Now you know.

Grace is emerging as a fantastic soccer player....thanks her to hard work and her Daddy's instruction.

First grade assembly...Lily was the "prop girl" holding the water...she took the job very seriously.

Post-assembly love.
4th Grade Assembly

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