Saturday, January 9, 2016

And Now She's Ten.

This girl......this girl made me a Mommy.  And now she's blessed us with her sunshine for 10 years.  

Ten is a great age.  Self-doubt hasn't hit her yet; she believes she can do anything without self-consciousness.  Her friends are the same; they love each other and cheer for each other without competition.  She loves her siblings, she loves sports and reading and crafts and trying out just about anything.  She can actually help me in the kitchen without being a liability.  She is a peace-maker and an includer.  She still holds my hand.  It's pretty amazing that I get the privilege of being her mom.  

Photo credit for both of the above:  Rebecca Laarman

We celebrated yesterday with her friends.  They made their own picture frames, their own pizza, and their own ice cream sundaes.  (Can you tell Grace is all about making things?)  They made a huge noise and a huge mess but it was a party to remember.  But I think my favorite part was when a Korean friend brought an entire plate of sushi rolls and all the girls scarfed them down.  True Third-Culture Kids.  

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