Sunday, April 17, 2016

That Time It Rained in Zanzibar....But There Was Bacon

Back in December, Gil and I won a raffle prize at HOPAC's Christmas Family Fun Day.  We won two free nights at the Doubletree Hilton on Zanzibar Island.


Then I found airline tickets on sale, and spent $56 total for the two of us to fly to Zanzibar and back.  

Double score.  

The hotel voucher was only good for the month of April.  Quite certainly, this is because April is Zanzibar's rainiest month of the year so the hotel would have lots of empty rooms.

But hey, we didn't care.  We farmed out our kids and packed our bags and enjoyed three days and two nights on Zanzibar.  Sure, we didn't get to swim with dolphins or sea turtles or go snorkeling, because....African Rain.  But we enjoyed the limitless supply of air conditioning and hot water and all-you-can-eat bacon for breakfast.  

And guess what?  Zanzibar is beautiful even in the rain.  

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