Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Medina Life, March through June

This term in 4th grade, Grace learned about ancient Greece.

Grade 4 on Greek Day

Josiah's 2nd grade assembly performing "You Make Me Brave"...and we all cried.

These boys....they adore each other!  (Okay, 95% of the time, but that's pretty good.)

Lily's first grade class learned about the Masai this term.

Lily competing in the Bible verse celebration.

Me at the Haven of Peace Academy Board retreat.  Did I ever tell you I'm on the HOPAC board?  Well, I am.  It takes up a good chunk of time, and it's really important, but doesn't exactly generate exciting blog posts.  Or exciting blog pictures, for that matter.  

My little Narnian frozen statue.  Grace was thrilled to be a part of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" last month.

Preparing for the great battle against the White Witch.

Running:  The Medina kids all ran this term!  Grace and Josiah both were on the track team, they both ran the 5K and participated in school track days and an inter-school meet.  Lily ran on sports day, and Johnny joined her for the 1K.  We've got runners in this family!

Grace was pretty excited about the water station during the 5K.

Josiah, of course, blew us all away.   He's got a big ol' collection of ribbons now.  

Delicia Roberson, the beloved music teacher of all my kids, got married.  She had one of the most fun weddings I've ever attended, and it was so special that my girls got to be there too.

The HOPAC community at Delicia's wedding...we kind of took over!

Tag rugby.  Someone needs to come over here and teach my son how to play football so he can try to be American.  

Sports Day.  Go Green House! 

HOPAC graduation:  I got to be an "auntie" in this girl's life the last few years.  

Last Thursday, on HOPAC's last day of school.  

Our awesome teammates (and friends), Mark and Alyssa, just left for a six-month home assignment.  We are on our own in the training program until they get back.  We will sure miss them!

Many thanks to Abi Snyder and Rebecca Laarman, who took a lot of these pictures.  
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