Sunday, October 30, 2016

Medina Life, September & October

School started at the end of August, and Lily has the same teacher that Josiah had last year for second grade.  We're pretty thrilled about that!  I already wrote about Grace starting fifth grade, and Josiah was too eager to run off and play soccer with his friends to get a first day picture in third grade.  

Meanwhile, Gil started off a new term with this incredible bunch of people.  

His birthday came up while he was teaching, and when I showed up with a cake, I discovered that the students had already brought him one!  

We invited Gil's students over for a birthday party, where we introduced them to Jenga and Spoons, which they took just about as seriously as the exam Gil had given them earlier that day.  This is a competitive bunch!

Fifth graders at HOPAC get all kinds of leadership opportunities, including running for Elementary Student Council.  The students ran in teams of three, so Grace ran for vice-president along with Angelique (president) and Muchahi (secretary).  

We had a campaign day at our house, which meant that an explosion of markers and poster board and bottle caps (for buttons) blew up all over my living room.  But hey--it must have worked, because Grace's team beat out five other teams and WON!

Johnny's big recent success was that he started riding his bike without training wheels--much to his extreme excitement.  

Visiting one of our students and he and his wife's beautiful new baby girl.

Josiah's first-term third grade assembly.

Daddy is reading through Pilgrim's Progress after dinner these days, but even the children's version is just a little too exhausting for this five-year-old.  

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