Friday, October 25, 2019

Anybody Out There Looking for People Like Us?

The main benefit of using a free little Google blogspot is I've never felt the need to do any advertising in this space.

Until today. Because today, I'm advertising, um, us. Gil and I. Our family. Anybody out there looking for people like us? After 16 years in Tanzania, we're moving to America, and we are starting over. We are open to wherever God leads us.

It feels weird to write about this, because we are still all in here in Tanzania. We are still very much fully immersed in our life and ministry here. We love our life; we are not anxious to leave. July still seems very far away and it feels early to start thinking about what will be next. Yet rationally, we know that it's not that far away, and we need to start planning.

It's been a really long time since we've lived in America, so we're pretty out of touch. Yes, we are checking out job listings and doing a lot of research, but I also have over 2000 people reading this blog, and most of them live in America. So.....hi guys! Want us to be your neighbors?

In all seriousness though, I'm wondering if any of you might have some ideas for us. Mainly because we aren't just looking for jobs that could use our set of skills and experiences, but because we are looking for a unique kind of community--a school, a church, or a neighborhood that will be a healthy place for our unique family to transition to life in America.

Whether it's a community or a job, we really could use your two thousand sets of eyes and ears out there to help us find a good fit.

Ready? Here we go.

Regarding community: We would love to know where pockets of African immigrants are living in the United States. Or maybe refugee communities, or multi-ethnic immigrant communities. We would love to hear about churches or schools that have high populations of refugees or immigrants. We would be thrilled to know about Christian schools or college towns where there are thriving international student ministries.

Regarding jobs: Gil and I are "all in" kind of people. We love holistic ministry; hospitality is our thing. We have extensive experience in education, theological training, TCK ministry, cross-cultural ministry, and missions. We would love to find a church, school, or non-profit that sees our experience overseas (and our multi-racial family) as a advantage, with something unique to bring to an organization. I'll write a little more about the specifics of Gil and I at the bottom of this post.

Bonus points if the community or job is in or near California. But even if it's not, we want to hear about it. (Be aware, though, that northeastern winters might kill us. So you'll have to tell God to make it really, really clear if we're supposed to head out in that direction.)

So. Got any leads for us? Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested in us. Or send me your ideas to everyoneneedsalittlegrace(at)

Here's a little more about us:

Gil and Amy Medina have been Reach Global (Evangelical Free Church of America) missionaries for 17 years. We have four Tanzanian kids between the ages of 8 and 14.

Gil Medina, age 42
BA Biblical Studies, The Master's University
MA Theological Studies, Talbot Seminary

Experience: 2 years in church planting (youth ministry), 3 years as a college ministry leader, 8 years as Bible teacher/youth leader/chaplain (grades 6-12) at an International Christian School, 6 years as a theological trainer for church leaders in Tanzania.

Gil is a visionary, strategic thinker. He is a gifted Bible teacher and preacher, and specializes in taking complex theological concepts and making them understandable and relevant. His favorite teaching topics include Life of Christ, Romans, and Worldview/Apologetics, and he designed his own curriculum for almost all the classes he has taught. He loves discipleship, especially with young people. His other interests include photography and sports (he has coached youth/high school soccer and basketball for 20 years), and he is an avid reader.

Ideal positions include: Bible teacher (preferably post-high school but open to high school as well), international student ministry, college/young adult ministry, church outreach director, missions training/mobilization.

Amy Medina, age 42
BA Liberal Studies/Teacher Education, The Master's University
Post-graduate California Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential

Experience: 7 years as an elementary school teacher (grades K, 2, 5 and 6), 10 years as a part-time teacher/assistant chaplain/youth leader, 3 years as a school board member, 3 years as elementary school principal at an International Christian School (150 students, 20 direct reports).

My specialty is in being task-oriented, detailed, and efficient. I love training and encouraging others to do their jobs well. I love teaching kids and anything having to do with Christian education. Biblical worldview integration is a particular passion of mine. I am an avid reader and writer and a quick learner.

Ideal positions include: Administrative assistant for a school or non-profit organization, church children's director, refugee or immigrant ministry, international student or TCK ministry, ESL teaching, missions mobilization, elementary school education. (Though I absolutely love my job as a school principal right now, I won't be looking for a school leadership position in the near future.)

Thanks for your help!


Jeannie Dalrymple said...

Thanks for sharing Amy. I am praying for you in this transition. We had a similar one 25 years ago. In hindsight, it was difficult at the moment, but I now can see God was in it!

Angie said...

Hi guys.....we totally relate, we just went through this a little over a year ago!! God did not reveal a whole lot to us....its been more of a step by step reliance on Him- pretty serious lessons in trust for our whole family, let me tell you!
But, it's been amazing to see God or orchestrate our lives and look to Him for our everything!
Our 4 kids have done amazing....and have grown in their faith from watching God at work through these difficult transitions when we had NO idea what we were doing - we just looked to Him!!!

Melissa said...

I would love if you guys were my neighbors, but we aren't in the US anymore. :) The winters might kill you, but I do know that the Twin Cities in Minnesota (and other smaller cities) in Minnesota have large and diverse immigrant communities. I have no idea what is available for jobs in that area, but I know of others who have loved the diversity of those cities. Will be thinking and praying for you guys during this transition. I know God will provide and can't wait to hear about where He leads you!

LizS said...

Raleigh/Durham, NC area has lots of immigrants and a large population. It's also a beautiful state where you can live in the city or the rural areas. North Carolina is also a great state to homeschool in, if you had any interest in that. The summers are hot and humid but good winters -- usually a snowfall once or twice a year, and it's a big deal where everything shuts down. :) All in all, a great place to live!

Johanna said...

Hey! So I don't know you at all, but a friend of mine posted your link. Have you thought about YWAM? There is a base in Tyler, TX that has many of the things you are talking about-including a school, vibrant community, etc. Just a thought. You could refire with YWAM. :)

Lisa said...

Are you sure you have to go to the US??? We could use you at our school in Bolivia!! :)

Allen D said...

Hi Amy, I've been following your blog for a few years and really appreciated your perspective on missions and adoption. I especially remember your series on the dark side of international adoption and that informed me and my wife a lot as we explored if we wanted to adopt. We are foster parents now.

I don't know of any job opportunities but perhaps you guys would be interested in our church in Los Angeles, Del Rey Church. We are an EFC church and many families do foster care and have adopted children. We don't have many African immigrants but our church is very diverse: white, African American, Latinos, Asian Americans. My family only started going to our church for a little over a year, but we love it and are committed long term. Let me know if you have any questions!

LewT said...

Would love to have you in Indianapolis (or in the area)!

Catherine Ambro said...

Hi Amy! I had no idea of all your adventures since Master's. But I am amazed at the plans God does! I dont know anything about EVFree churches. So take that into account with my thoughts.
The Lord moved us to Franklin, Ohio inbeween the Dayton/Cinncinati area of Ohio. A diverse community. Our history is the end of the underground railroad and the birth place of the Wright brothers. The inner cities are economically depressed and the suburbs are lots of farmland towns. Of course there are the better-off towns as well.
I know Cedarville college is closeby in Cedarville, OH. A good Bible believing college. My daughter wants to attend there. And we have several Christian HighSchools. (Dayton Christian, Xenia Christian, & Middletown Christian schools) Also, our public school systems seem to have many Christian teachers working there from all backgrounds.

The Church we have belonged to for 15 years is Clearcreek Chapel, Springboro, OH. A new covenant, sovereign Grace, reformed congregation. And we could use some outreach oriented people. And there are many churches to choose from, you could go anywhere.

You would have to do some research about these places. I dont know of specific openings at these schools but I hope it gives you a good start to look into.
Blessings, Catherine Ambro

Corinne Thorp said...

Hi Amy, Memphis, TN might be a great place for you guy! We have a team with WorldVenture, out of Colorado who are working with West Africans', International students at the University of Memphis and Yemini women. They would love to have people added to their team who have some experience. There is also a school program there that teaches teachers and puts them into the public school that is interesting. Just some thoughts. Pray that God will lead you to just the right spot. Corinne Thorp

Amy Medina said...

Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

June 2019 Prayer Letter said...

Hi Amy! A friend passed your blog post along to me. My name is Jason and I work for International Friendships (IFI), an international student ministry based in Ohio. We have locations in Ohio and about 7 other states. I'm so glad to hear you are open to international student ministry, among other things. We partner with mission orgs because former missionaries are some of the best international student ministry workers. They have been on the field, have amazing experience working with other cultures, have endured tough times, etc. So, when my friend passed this along, I wanted to contact you to see if you'd be interested in talking about the possibility of joining an established team or even helping to start a new international student ministry on a new campus... maybe somewhere you've always wanted to live. Anyway, feel free to reply to this message if you'd like to talk. Also, here's more info about IFI:


Amy Medina said...

Hi Jason--thanks for reaching out. We are familiar with ISI but haven't heard of IFI. I will check out your website, but feel free to contact us at everyoneneedsalittlegrace(at) if you want to send us any other info.

LewT said...

Alex and I would love to have you guys in Indianapolis’s! Lew

Hannah G said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years now, and thought I would put in a plug for Boise, ID! There is a growing refugee community here, though I believe predominately middle-eastern. It's 1-2 hours nonstop flight to California and the cost of living is affordable. It's a great spot to be!

John M. Collins said...

Hi Amy....
We don't know each other, yet.,����
I stumbled across your blog this evening when reading a friend's post about shoeboxes. Anyway, we are currently in Thailand, but my daughter, Connie, teaches Spanish at a small boarding school in Barnesville, Ohio. Olney Friends School has a history dating back over a century and is established on a working farm just north of Rt 70 near Zanesville, in East Central Ohio.
Olney Friends is a diverse community of students,staff & teachers from over a dozen countries, including Africa. Connie has been there four years now and is a great asset to the school and growing the Spanish program. Yes, it's Ohio... with cold winters....but, hey follow God's lead, right?! Don't have a link handy...but googling
should get you more info. BLESSINGS �� ❣️ to your family...!
~ John Collins

Steph T said...

I will second the comment about Minnesota. Check out St. Cloud, MN, and Calvary Community Church! But yeah, the winters kill all of us. St. Cloud has a large Somalian population as well as other immigrants. There are 3 colleges/universities in the area and a number of smaller schools. Calvary is a BGC church, and has a pastor who teaches from a reformed perspective.